How our cabinets Made

1.    First, we select the finest solid wood to build our cabinetry.

2.    All surfaces are progressively sanded smooth with fine sandpaper on a manual sanding line to provide a smooth and consistent finish.

3.    After sanding, surfaces are vacuumed to eliminate all dust particles & each door is quality-inspected prior to finishing.


4.    Equalizer stains are simultaneously applied to balance the color and grain.


5.    A deep penetrating stain is then applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the wood grain.

6.    Spray the base color.

7.    All surfaces are hand-sanded again, providing a smooth surface.

8.    Spray the base color again and sand in the gas well. The surfaces are inspected for color correctness and quality.

9.    Toner is adopted to establish consistent color.

10.    All surfaces are then evenly hand-rubbed and wiped clean of excess stain.

11.    The product is slowly air-dried and inspected for color.


12.    An environmentally safe top coat provides maximum resistance to scuffing, dents, moisture, & common household chemicals or agents.


13.    The final products are personally quality-inspected to maintain a consistent gloss level.


14.    Before shipping, we inspect all of the products thoroughly to assure the quality we expect and our customers demand.


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